Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tsk Tsk Charter Communications

Too bad Charter is my local cable company. The top headline is from a news release on its web site (you don't get the news about bankruptcy until you read deep into the story).

The bottom headline is from the Wall Street Journal--and it doesn't sound like an April Fool's prank, just another nail in ... well, you know.

Charter often appears at or near the bottom of customer service ratings--for instance, in the March Consumer Reports feature about digital TV service, it's ranked #11 of 12.

Speaking as a customer and a marketer, competition in suburban cable/broadband services would increase the level of service, improve loyalty, and take the handcuffs off customers.
Charter Communications Reaches Agreement in Principle with Certain Debt Holders to Reduce Debt
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Charter Communications said it will file for bankruptcy protection by April 1 as part of an agreement with some of its debt holders to reduce its debt by $8 billion.

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