Thursday, January 8, 2009

Home Depot Ends Olympian Program

As this photo from Home Depot's site shows, the retailer has supported Olympic and Paralympic athletes since 1992 with a unique jobs program that allows them flexible hours and a living wage so they can afford to train. Now that program is ending because the retailer must tighten its economic belt to cope with recessionary pressures. More info in this news story.

Although I understand that Home Depot's financial situation requires major changes, I'm sorry to see its Olympic support go away. The retailer really polished its image with the Olympic program, even including its Olympic employees in advertising, etc. I'm especially disappointed because Olympic hopefuls are in full training mode for the 2010 winter Olympics and some may not be able to continue training at the level they need to make the U.S. team. Will another sponsor step up?

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