Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Color Is Pure Emotion"--Benjamin Moore

That's the headline on one of the main color pages on the Benjamin Moore paint site. Naming colors can be tricky: You want to evoke positive response and distinguish one shade from another, even when the differences are minute. So here are some of the paint names I found on this site:

- Genesis White
- November Rain
- October Sky
- August Morning
- Cloud Nine
- Minced Onion
- Timid White
- Spring Dust

Imagine you've just redecorated and friends ask, "What color paint did you use?" and you answer "Timid White" or "Minced Onion." Maybe you'd get a better reaction if you say, "Cloud Nine."

Seriously, visit the Benjamin Moore site for a wonderful interactive opportunity to click and try out different colors in different rooms before you head to the paint store. And check out the site's videos for helpful how-to info.

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