Saturday, March 14, 2009

83-yr-old Milorganite: Funny Name, Good Marketing

Milorganite is a funny name for an 83-yr-old natural fertilizer--but the stuff works, I know from personal experience. I was on the product's site today and noticed a new video about how the "stuff" is made. Here's a hint: Milorganite is marketed by the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewer District. It was a green product before green was a good thing to be for marketing purposes.

Why do I like the Milorganite site? First, it's easy to navigate; when was the last time you could find the site map and understand it? Second, target audiences can quickly locate what they want. Homeowners can learn more about the product; retailers can download artwork and copy key phrases for their own advertising. Professionals who care for golf courses have their own pages to browse. And writers who cover gardening have their own pages to browse plus artwork to download.

Call to action: There's a store finder for those who want to know where to buy. The site's color and design echo the product packaging. It's Marketing 101 in action, a textbook example of how to promote a product's value.

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