Monday, March 30, 2009

Brand Extensions Out on a Limb

When I saw the Disney Eggs commercial, I knew it was time for a new edition of "brand extensions beyond belief." Many companies prefer brand extensions to new-to-the-world products because of the perceived lower risk. But brand extensions (even when handled via licensing) don't always work out--and they can actually hurt the brand's identity if not handled properly.

Here are some unusual brand extensions that IMO seem too outlandish to last.

  • Disney Farm Fresh Eggs. This is the real commercial, not intended as an Easter promotion. Many people (incl me) pay extra for local farm eggs or organic eggs. But Mickey Mouse eggs? What does this do for the brand or how does the brand help the eggs?
  • Six Flags Roller Coaster Cuts. Sounds like fun but remember what Mom said about running with scissors? Another question: Why use the Six Flags brand when you can just call the company "Roller Coaster Cuts" and leave it at that?
  • Yankee Sod. Grass seed from the same company that supplies Yankee Stadium (DeLea Sod, pictured above). Will this fly with Mets or Seattle Mariners fans? At least the benefits have some relation to the brand. Does this mean your lawn won't last till the pennant championship?
Please add your least-favorite brand extensions to this list.

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