Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Marketing in Today's Economy

This week I noticed two views of how to reach out to consumers in terrible economic times. The fact that companies are changing their marketing indicates their understanding of the fundamental shifts going on in the business environment. Business-as-usual just isn't enough. Time for marketing change. But what kind of change?
  • FedEx Office (formerly known as FedEx Kinko's, a mouthful but at least it preserved the Kinko's brand equity) recently offered 25 free résumé photocopies to anyone looking for a job. The offer--with no strings attached--sprang from an employee's suggestion, according to Forbes. It's a good way to build goodwill and get a foot in the door for additional work when job-seekers are employed once again. At the very least, it's compassionate in a helpful way.
  • Quaker switched from a nutrition-oriented message for its oatmeal products to a positive “go humans go” message, says Stuart Elliott of NYT. Being upbeat might inspire consumers to view oatmeal in a different light and open their wallets. Maybe it's time for a change from those somber ads that offer price bargains or position brands as safe, secure, reliable.

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