Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The New World of Bowling

Between bumpers, snazzy electronic scoring screens, fancy lighting, and clean, modern lanes, today's bowling experience is nothing like the old days of smoke-filled alleys and scoring by stubby pencil. Neither is the marketing.

Here's AMF's home page, complete with fun offers for family bowling (such as the Madagascar cartoon character bowling club). For value, there's a dollar-off coupon for hamburgers at the snack bar. And for morale purpose, there's a breast cancer fundraising event linked to league bowling.

The U.S. Bowling Congress is doing its part to promote bowling for all ages, with discount coupons, awards, and Bowl for the Cure breast cancer tie-in. There's bowlTV and pages for youngsters, high school students, college teams, coaches, and more.

The bowling balls look more hip too, as this image from Storm Bowling shows. Even without this wonderful ball, my score was 130 today!

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