Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Skating under the Radar

Now less than a year away, the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics seem to be running under the radar--too bad. This week would be a good time to do some promotion, as the World Figure Skating Championships are underway in LA. But since the Olympics' early ticketing process is over and the next batch of tickets won't be released for several months, promotion is very low-key--too low-key, given the opportunity to reach core skating fans in LA.

Usually the ladies' figure skating competition is one of the highlights of the Worlds and the Olympics, grabbing much of the media attention. This year, with NBC owning the rights to air the Olympics and most of the skating competitions, it's chosen only to air the ladies' long program from Worlds on NBC on Saturday night, live. The rest of the Worlds coverage will be on Oxygen at weird times.

Shame on Oxygen for not even listing the skating programming on its online schedule page. Oxygen should take a break from the usual reality TV and show some reality on ice for a change. Bet there will be some plugs for NBC's Olympics coverage during the Oxygen coverage, however. I'll be watching.

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