Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bakugan: Must-Have for Boys

This week's BusinessWeek says there's no "must-have" toy for Xmas 2008, although the closest thing to a blockbuster may be Bakugan magnetic balls, for boys 5-10. Other news sources have been touting Bakugan's blockbuster status for a few weeks.

Have you tried to buy Bakugan toys? Talk about popular: Amazon's sellers are nearly sold out and customer comments indicate that prices have been rising as the holidays draw nearer.

Then there's the Wal-Mart "Site to Store" secret. I was in Wal-Mart yesterday at 9 am to buy Bakugan. Employees in the toy section sent me to the hidden "Site to Store" pickup area, part of a stock room off the main selling floor. IF the store has any Bakugan items in stock, you can buy ONE of each kind at a time. That's exactly what I did. Better hurry--inventory is limited. Bakugan seems to be muscling its way past Pokemon.
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