Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Big Three Automakers Online

Given the U.S. auto industry's hat-in-hand bailout requests, I thought I'd look at what they're saying on their web sites. GM wants to set the record straight and mobilize brand fans on its behalf. Ford is trumpeting its new direction. Chrysler isn't even addressing the current crisis.

Sorry, Chrysler, denial won't get you anywhere these days, even with gas prices way down from their summer peaks. IMHO, GM's approach is interesting for its involvement angle (whip up public support for yet another taxpayer-funded bailout?). To my non-industry eye, Ford's approach is a curious combo of spin and plan. What next?
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  • Make Your Voice Heard

    From dealerships to diners,
    what happens in the automotive
    industry affects us all.
    Tell Congress the U.S. auto
    industry matters.

    » Mobilize now

  • At Ford, we are headed in a new direction. After turning a profit this year
    in the first quarter and making significant progress on cost reductions, we were
    hit by a spike in gas prices, followed by the current credit crisis. But instead
    of focusing on our challenges, we’d like you to know how very far Ford has
    come and how we’re doing business differently.
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  • Chrysler LLC Celebrates 25th Anniversary of the Minivan11/3/2008
    Subjects: Design - Town & Country
    Source: Chrysler Media Services LLC
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